Arabic proverbs are wise and insightful sayings passed down from generations to generations. These proverbs are not only a reflection of the cultural values and beliefs of the Arab people, but also serve as a source of guidance and inspiration in everyday life. From encouraging hard work and perseverance to cautioning against greed and envy, these proverbs cover a wide range of topics that are relevant and timeless. Whether you are an Arabic speaker or not, these proverbs have the power to resonate with people from all walks of life. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 60 Arabic proverbs that are sure to inspire, motivate and challenge you. So, sit back, relax, and delve into the world of Arabic wisdom.

49 Best Arabic Proverbs

  1. “أذكر أسبوعك يذكرك أسبوعه” – Remember your week and it will remember yours.
  2. “الأسد لا يأكل الذباب” – The lion does not eat flies.
  3. “الباب على العائلة” – The door is open to the family.
  4. “البعيد عن الصدر ينظر عن الرأس” – Distance from the chest looks away from the head.
  5. “الصدق يؤذي أول الليل” – Honesty hurts at first night.
  6. “أذكر عيد أبيك وسوف يذكرك عيد أخيك” – Remember your father’s holiday and it will remember your brother’s holiday.
  7. “الصمت يعطي الذكاء” – Silence gives intelligence.
  8. “الكلب يشتاق إلى ذراع صاحبه” – The dog longs for his master’s arm.
  9. “الليل زمن الصمت” – Night is the time of silence.
  10. “إذا أردت أن تعرف الرجل فاسأل عن صديقه” – If you want to know a man, ask about his friend.
  11. “الحب عند الأطفال عذر وعند الكبار جبار” – Love is an excuse for children and arrogance for adults.
  12. “أن تعطي هو أشد من أن تأخذ” – To give is harder than to take.
  13. “العطاء يخلع الحزن” – Giving removes sadness.
  14. “أن تعشق هو أشد من أن تحب” – To fall in love is harder than to love.
  15. “العطاء يجعل الحياة أجمل” – Giving makes life more beautiful.
  16. “الكلب الذي لا ينبض هو الكلب الذي لا يعشق” – The dog that doesn’t bark is the dog that doesn’t love.
  17. “أن تنتظر هو أشد من أن تعطي” – To wait is harder than to give.
  18. “الصدق هو الأساس للصداقة” – Honesty is the foundation of friendship.
  19. “العطاء يؤذي الأول ويسر الآخر” – Giving hurts first but eases later.
  20. “العطاء هو عشرة أذنين وإحدى عين” – Giving is ten ears and one eye.
  21. “العطاء هو خير من الغضب” – Giving is better than anger.
  22. “ما كان عند الله كان، وما كان عند العبد كان” – What was with Allah remains, and what was with the servant remains.
  23. “ما زال على خير حتى تصبح عليه” – Nothing remains good until it ends.
  24. “من لا يعرف أمانيه لا يعرف عزائه” – He who does not know his obligations does not know his honor.
  25. “ما تحب أن تعاني، فإعط عند الإعانة” – Give when you are in need of help, for what you hate to endure.
  26. “من لا يحب أن يعذب فلا يؤذ غيره” – He who does not like to be punished should not hurt others.
  27. “صحبة الأخير كالصحبة بالنار” – The company of the last one is like the company of fire.
  28. “الأعمال تؤكد الناس” – Deeds confirm people.
  29. “الناس على عملهم” – People are judged by their deeds.
  30. “ما كان عند الله كان، ولا يزيد الإنسان إلا بالشكر” – What was with Allah remains, and man increases only by gratitude.
  31. “الصمت كنز” – Silence is a treasure.
  32. “الزهد في الدنيا جنة” – Abstinence in this world is paradise.
  33. “ما تعلم حتى تعمل” – You do not learn until you act.
  34. “الذكاء هو الذهب الحقيقي” – Intelligence is the true gold.
  35. “لا تصدق حتى ترى” – Do not believe until you see.
  36. “المعرفة تذلل الغضب” – Knowledge humbles anger.
  37. “لا تنام على غير عمل” – Do not sleep without work.
  38. “الذكاء يؤدي إلى الرحمة” – Intelligence leads to mercy.
  39. “الذكاء يؤدي إلى العدل” – Intelligence leads to justice.
  40. “الكلام يؤذي أشد من السيف” – Words hurt more than a sword.
  41. “الناس على أسلوبهم” – People are judged by their manners.
  42. “لا تؤذ عصب غيرك” – Do not hurt someone else’s nerves.
  43. “الحكمة تؤدي إلى الرضا” – Wisdom leads to contentment.
  44. “الحكمة تؤدي إلى الإستقرار” – Wisdom leads to stability.
  45. “لا تؤذ أحدا بإذن الله” – Do not hurt anyone with Allah’s permission.
  46. “الخلق يعرف خلقه” – People know their own kind.
  47. “لا تعد على الأخر” – Do not hold a grudge against others.
  48. “الأخلاق تؤذي الناس” – Morals hurt people.
  49. “الحلم يؤدي إلى النجاح” – Dreams lead to success.

Arabic Proverbs about Patience

  1. “الصبر على الصعاب عصبة” – Patience in difficulties is bravery.
  2. “الصبر يخلع الحزن” – Patience removes sadness.
  3. “الصبر مثل الذهب، يزيد بالحرارة” – Patience is like gold, it increases with heat.
  4. “لا تزعم الأمور إلا بالصبر” – Affairs are not ruled except by patience.
  5. “الصبر هو عشرة أذنين وإحدى عين” – Patience is ten ears and one eye.
  6. “إذا أردت أن تعرف الكرم فاسأل الصبراوي” – If you want to know generosity, ask the patient one.
  7. “الصبر يجعل الحياة أسهل” – Patience makes life easier.
  8. “الصبر هو الأساس للنجاح” – Patience is the foundation of success.
  9. “إذا أردت أن تعرف الحكمة فاسأل الصبراوي” – If you want to know wisdom, ask the patient one.
  10. “الصبر يؤذي الأول ويسر الآخر” – Patience hurts first but eases later.
  11. “الصبر هو خير من الغضب” – Patience is better than anger.