Read these Incredible Italian Proverbs in English about family, Life, Love, Destiny, Friendship, Death and so much more.

15 Most Famous Italian Proverbs

Practice makes perfect.

When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Those who sleep don’t catch any fish.

Help yourself and God will help you.

Calm is the virtue of the strong.

What is to be, will be.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Live and let live.

He who is not with me is against me.

No rose without a thorn.

Better late than never.

He who perseveres wins at last.

There’s a sea between saying and doing.

He who looks for evil generally finds it.

Do no evil and have no fear.

Deep Italian Proverbs

Help yourself and God will help you.

He who does evil is never short of an excuse.

Fine words don’t feed cats.

When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.

It is sweet to do nothing.

No news is good news.

A meal without wine is a day without sunshine.

Every fool is ready with advice.

Necessity knows no law.

Red sky in the evening, one hopes for good weather.

When you finish the game, the king and pawn end up in the same box.

The sweetest flesh is near the bones.

Something is still better than nothing.

It’s by the head that the cow gives the milk.

Skip the enjoyment that you will regret.

Everything you buy at the price.

Good seed makes good fruit.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth!

Everything has a reason.

Where gold speaks, every tongue is silent.

Great sorrows are mute.

Best Italian Proverbs on love and life

Love conquers all.

Love is blind.

Eat well, laugh often, love much.

Life is a dream.

He who laughs last laughs longest.

Where there is no temptation there is no glory.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

Take the will for the deed.

A new broom sweeps well the house.

The wolf is said to be bigger than it is.

Grasp all, lose all.

A good wife makes a good husband.

Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

Those who act, make mistakes; and those who do nothing really blunder.

Who does it by itself does it for three people.

Gluttony kills more than the sword.

Family is the heartland of your heart.

Idleness is the father of all vices.

Nice guys finish last.

Every saint has his own festival.

Either eat this soup or skip this window.

For severe ills, severe remedies.

Love makes all men equal.

A pretty thing is soon taken.

He dances well to whom Fortune pipes.

Do not spur the willing horse.

God listens to short prayers.

To seek the hair in the egg, to pick faults where there are none.

A good life makes an easy death.

He who knows most, talks least.

He that goes to Rome a foot returns a fool.

Speak the truth and shame the devil.

No sooner said, than done.

The cowl does not make the monk.

Woman is a fickle thing.

Shared trouble is half joy.

When the beast is dead, the venom is dead.

A noble death is an honor to the whole life.

Better one day as a lion than a hundred as a sheep.

Experience is more important than theory.

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