Read these amazing Indian proverbs on Life, Love, Success, and Money.

Indian Proverbs about life

When an elephant is in trouble, even a frog will kick him.

When you have an ass for a friend, expect nothing but kicks.

A thief thinks everybody steals.

There is no hand to catch time.

Where the needle goes, the thread follows.

Pearls are of no value in a desert.

Among the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Don’t poison someone whom you can kill with sweets.

I have lanced many boils, but none pained like my own.

One man’s house burns so that another may warm himself.

Walking slowly, even the donkey will reach Lhasa.

Those who dream for too long will become like their shadow.

Pull someone by the ears and his head will follow.

Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.

They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing.

It is better to be blind than to see things from only one point of view.

You sometimes forget the harm that was done to you, but never the harm you have done to others.

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.’

If you live in the river, you should make friends with the crocodile.

Alertness and courage are life’s shields.

Indian Proverbs about Love, Success and Money

He who does not climb, will not fall either.

The thief that is not caught is a king.

We are both queens, so who will hang out the laundry?

An ounce of practice is worth a thousand words.

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow but a vision.

It is love that makes the impossible possible.

He who works like a slave eats like a king.

Life is not a continuum of pleasant choices, but of inevitable problems that call for strength, determination, and hard work.

There is no hand to catch time.

Complaining is the weak man’s weapon.

When money is not a servant it is a master.

I had no shoes and complained until I saw a man who had no feet.

What is now in the past was once in the future.

To give jewels to a donkey is as stupid as giving a eunuch to a woman.

Certain things capture the eye but pursue only those that capture the heart.

The eyes do not see what the mind does not want.

A man without money is like a bow without arrows.

Love from someone who is bad is worse than his hatred.

Don’t bargain for fish that are still in the water.

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

Do not blame God for having created the tiger, but thank him for not having given it wings.

The money you dream about will not pay your bills.

You may look up for inspiration or look down in desperation but do not look sideways for information.

Top 35 Indian Proverbs

The man who has mounted an elephant will not fear the bark of a dog.

You do not stumble over a mountain, but you do over a stone.

When a camel is at the foot of a mountain only then judge his height.

You should not call in a cat to settle the argument of two birds.

Life is a bridge, cross over it, but build no house on it.

To control the mind is like trying to control a drunken monkey that has been bitten by a scorpion.

When we take one step toward God, he takes seven steps toward us.

They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing.

When you drink milk under the palm tree, people will say that it is palm wine.

Nonviolence is the supreme law of life.

To loan is to buy troubles.

Better to have a diamond with a few small flaws than a rock that is perfect.

If a man from humble beginnings gets rich, he will carry his umbrella at midnight.

Under the mountains are silver and gold. But under the night sky, hunger and cold.

Deceive me about the price but not about the goods.

To quarrel with a man of a good speech is better than to converse with a man who does not speak well.

The first day a guest, the second day a guest, the third day a calamity.

He who has a true friend has no need of a mirror.

Everyone looking downwards becomes impressed with ideas of his own greatness, but looking upwards, he feels his own littleness.

It is easy to forget kindness, but one remembers unkindness.

Blaming your faults on your nature does not change the nature of your faults.

If you are up to your knees in pleasure, then you are up to your waist in grief.

A man without a woman is only half a man.

The spouse of a woman is a man, the spouse of a man is his livelihood.

There are three uncertainties: woman, wind, and wealth.

Happy is the woman whose husband does not speak to her.

War is to men, childbirth is to women.

If they don’t exchange a few words, father and son will never know one another.

Like the body that is made up of different limbs and organs, all moral creatures must depend on each other to exist.

A hundred divine epochs would not suffice to describe all the marvels of the Himalayas.

Austerity is an ornament, humility is honorable.

Nothing is comprehensible except by virtue of its edges.

We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

The eyes do not see what the mind does not want.

There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.