Best platform to Learn New Skills
(image credit: unsplash)

The list consists of some of the best platforms to learn new skills. Learning new skills has become easier than ever with just a few taps on your mobile screen you can learn anything. There are so many other platforms apart from this but these platforms cover almost all the skills you wish to learn. Pandemic has thought us that having skills is more important than just earning a degree. And there are so many platforms that provide us with so much applicable knowledge with just minimum or no fees. And learning new skills has become easier than ever you just need a good internet connection and phone and you are good to learn anything. So that means just chose that right skill that you want to learn and just go to the website given below as per your requirement and start learning it has become that simple.


Coursera is the best platform to learn some of the in-demand skills from some of the top ivy league universities. And they even provide you with Certificates from those universities. So your dream of studying at these universities is covered through Coursera. And everything at a very affordable price.


Skillshare is a subscription-based learning platform. That provides you with a long list of skills to learn but unlike Coursera or Udemy it doesn’t provide you certification on completion. But who needs a certificate when you learn something fast and already ahead of the competition.


Udemy is the best platform to learn everything and anything for a very minimal price and with a certificate. What better than that if you are thinking of starting a career in that field then a certificate might come in handy.


As the name suggests Masterclass lets you learn from industry experts such as Neil Gaiman, Marc Jacobs, Gordan Ramsay. The masterclass is a bit expensive but you have a security of peace of mind that whatever you are learning is the best you can get. And what better than learning from industry leaders. These are the people you might have idealized to become when you thought of learning that skill.


Want to learn a new language and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. Duolingo is the platform to learn any new language from beginner level to advance and free.


Last but not least youtube is the best place to find anything and to learn. Youtube won’t charge anything form you but like few platforms above that provide certificate youtube won’t do that for you but as we said earlier who needs a certificate when you are actually learning something