We all want to be more productive so that we can get more done in less amount of time. But the there are lot of barriers one must over come to get on path of Productivity.

Over time we have developed we built few good and few bad topics. Good are fine but you probably search this article so that you can overcome those bad habits.

Minor changes in life can help us be more productive. Productivity does not require any major changes. But you must be consistent and true to self.

So here we have provided you with few habits which can help to break your bad habits and get you on path of being productive and getting more done.

1Keep everything on paper

Keeping the clutter out of your head helps you be more focused.

If there are so many things you are thinking at a time you will end up not even finishing one of them properly

Keeping things in on paper helps you priortize your work as per there requirement.

If there are fewer things on your mind you feel positive and that ultimately helps you be more productive.

2Be organised

Organizing things is most important factor of being productive.

Just like keep everything on paper helps organize your brain. Just like that keeping your surrounding properly organized helps you be more productive by not wasting time in finding things.

As things are not organised it will ultimately affect your productivity.

3Block your calendar

Blocking calendar is habit every succesful person follows and you should also make it a hahit if you watnt of be successful.

We all heard the phrase time is money but you will only realize it’s imporatna when you make it a part of your life.

Keeping everyhting on calendar helps keep things in perspective.

It keeps you away from falling in trap of distraction or unwanted stuff.

4Use Technology

You are living in the generation of high tech. That is helpful but at same time it can to roadblock to productivity.

But if you use it wisely it will definately make your life lot easier and more efficient.

Some example to using technology to be more productive:

  • Use to-do list apps
  • Calendar app to block your calendar
  • Note-taking app for efficient note-making.
  • Time management app

5Take Power naps

It might sound wrong but yes taking power naps in between makes you more productive. It makes you more energetic, efficient and helps get more done without burning out.

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6Dress like work

Always dress like the way you would dress for professional workplace it really helps fool your brain to be more productive.

Dressing might not look like a big deal but it definately plays very important role in focusing on your work.

7Breakdown the task

Breaking down a big task into a small one is similar to hiking an Everest by taking breaks and climbing it over a period of time.

Breaking down stuff makes tasks feel less daunting and more fun and you have small milestones to achieve before capturing the main camp.

8Plan your day a night before

Planning your day the night before is a very important habit every successful person follows. And you also must follow if you want to be successful.

If your day is properly planned and your goal for a day is fixed then there will be no distractions. And that will help you will be focused on completing tasks you have for the day.

9Put your Phone away

Putting your phone away from your workstation will definitely improve your productivity. The phone does more worse than good it does. Those constant messages, social media notifications waste a big chunk of your time.

A lot a time on your to-do list for using phones and only use it in that time.

Trust us you will thank yourself later. We know it is not that easy to keep away but if you are thinking of being productive. Then this is a very small price for that bigger gain.


The final piece of advice I want to give you is don’t overthink about productivity. Being unproductive sometimes is ok don’t feel guilty about that. Just concentrate on making small changes in your day-to-day life and ultimately you will achieve the success you are striving for. Try and implement as many habits given above in your life and we promise you will see the changes.