These are the best quotes from the book Notes on Nervous Planet by Matt Haig.

Matt Haig’s observations are collected in the book Notes on a Nervous Planet, which examines how the numerous social, commercial, and technical “advancements” that have produced the environment we now live in might actually impede our wellbeing.

Quotes from Notes on Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Living with anxiety, turning up, and doing stuff with anxiety takes a strength most people will never know.

Be a mystery, not a demographic. Be someone a computer could never quite know.

Notes on Nervous Planet

One frustration with anxiety is that it is often hard to find a reason behind it. There may be no visible threat and yet you can feel utterly terrorized.

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Feeling you lack things doesn’t make you less complete.

Notes on Nervous Planet

There is no shame in not watching the news, There is no shame in not going on Twitter, There is no shame in disconnecting.

When it comes to our minds, awareness is very often the solution itself.

The problem is not that the world is a mess, but that we expect it to be otherwise.

Notes on Nervous Planet

Better to be disliked for being you, than being liked for being someone else.

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Don’t worry about things you can’t control.

Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel you aren’t enough.

Everything we need is here if we give up thinking we need everything.

Aim to have less stuff to do.

He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears.

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It seems that worrying about growing old is a sign you are young.

A human being is complete just being human. We are our own destination.

If we were happier with our bodies, we’d be kinder to them.

Be less robot, more human. Be more imperfect. Evolution happens through mistakes.

Find the hope that is already here and help it grow.

A sore throat doesn’t become less sore simply because you’ve felt it before.

Keep allowing yourself the human privilege of mistakes.

Never let a stranger’s negative opinion of you become your own negative opinion of you.

I have learned that however strong the craving gets the guilt afterward will be stronger.

The things that make you unique are flaws. Imperfections. Embrace them. Don’t seek to filter out your human nature.

Illness has a lot to teach wellness.

When normality becomes madness, the only way to find sanity is by daring to be different.

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